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10 Ways to Synergize Your Website, SEO, & SEM

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The importance of SEO and SEM best practices and the way they synergize with your website can be easily overlooked by organizations.

If you want to hold a top position in search, keep in mind that Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms. Their aim is to make the website visitor experience as productive and as relevant as possible. If you check searches, you will notice the most reputable and relevant sites generally show at the top, along with advertisers.

Here are some key tactics to synergize your Web, SEO, and SEM:

1. Use the Keyword Planner in Google Ads to find the search terms that match up with your organization.

2. In your Website CMT, ensure the content management tool has an SEO descriptor that matches up with your messaging, primary keywords, and phrases.

3. Develop title descriptions for each page (url) on your site so they are relevant to the page content, search keywords, and phrases.

4. Check the content on each website page for redundancy of your brand messaging and keywords, but don't overdo it.

5. Create content rich and highly informative web pages. Avoid pages with very little text. Make pages dynamic with photos, videos, and embedded links. In short, avoid shallow content and focus on ways to engage visitors.

6. Employ the same messaging, keywords and phrases on all of your marketing platforms and embed links that direct visitors to your site, including: Google Ads, email newsletters, social media posts, publicity, digital ads, and blogs. For Google text ads, make sure you write compelling ads with relevant content, strong headlines, and add detailed sitelink extensions.

7. Whenever possible, ask reputable sources to create backlinks to your site. Don't be fooled by companies offering to do loads of backlinks or quick fixes in SEO and SEM.

8. Use Google Analytics to take deep dives into top keywords and landing pages, sources of search traffic, demographics, average duration time on pages, and more.

9. Periodically, enlist an expert to do a website analysis to check your domain score, see how you stack up against competitors, check for page errors, compare annual traffic, bounce rates, and much more.

10. Use reliable experts. If you need assistance, Aperture Advisory Associates is here to help you with your Website, SEO, and SEM management and projects.

In summary, make your efforts count by using long-term reputable strategies and tactics. Give careful and focused attention to your primary marketing tool - your website; it is the hub and centerpoint of all of your traffic. Make SEO and SEM highly productive spokes in the wheel to gain visibility, build brand awareness, and stimulate website traffic and leads.

Need Help Getting Started? Contact Aperture for a complimentary consultation.

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