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Candace Heidenrich


"Within less than 30 days, our website traffic and applications have increased exponentially. Aperture is already making a huge impact, allowing us to reach many new families in the communities we serve." - Scholarship Prep 


Aperture Advisory Associates was founded by Candace Heidenrich to assist professionals like you. She has over 15 years of private school senior-level administrative and faculty experience. In addition, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained while working with startups, Fortune 500 corporations, and nonprofits.


With an M.F.A. in Intermedia from U.C.S.B., she has a rare combination of creative and analytical skills. She is able to apply these skills to various projects, as well as to advisory sessions.


During her undergraduate years, she spent a semester abroad in Oxford, England. where she studied educational psychology and philosophy as a Gipson Scholar. This experience abroad ignited her passion in education and the interest she still holds today. She has visited over 60 private schools, colleges, and university campuses in the U.S. and abroad. 


As the recipient of numerous advertising, broadcasting, and sales awards, she is a respected authority on best practices in Admission and Marketing circles. She has been a featured speaker at national conferences, including: Enrollment Management Association, Western Boarding School Association and Brendan Schneider University VirCon9. 


Her artwork has been shown in museums and galleries including: Oakland Art Museum, Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Museum, Coos Art Museum and galleries in California and Oregon. 


Award Winning Professionals 

"I've been reflecting on my work and training new people and I found myself grateful that my path crossed yours. It was such a pleasure working with you on our Google Ads account. I'll always remember your wisdom and expertise in those meetings." -  Trinity Schools 


Aperture Advisory Associates is here to help you get on track and ramp up results. Using data-driven methods and strategic plans, we can assist you in reaching your goals.  


We make every effort to keep our services affordable and within reach for private schools, nonprofits, and associations. We also work with some small businesses aligned with our mission. 


Services include: Brand Management, Websites, SEO, SEM (Google Ads), Blogs, Email News, and Social Media. 

We also offer fine art and design services to enhance your office or home interior.   

To execute projects, we sometimes partner with other outstanding service providers. However, most projects and services are handled directly by our founder/owner to keep costs within your budget.  

We offer a complimentary consultation to address any questions. Feel free to contact us.


Also, check out our blog for marketing information on a number of topics. 

Aperture Advisory Associates Experience 

Private School Experience includes: 


"As an independent school Head, I worked directly with Candace Heidenrich for six years. She was an outstanding Director of Admission and Marketing and brought her department up to one that was top notch." - S. Bliss, Former Head of School/President." 

Boarding Schools:

  • Concord Academy - SEM/Google Ads Setup and Management

  • Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy - Developed travel itinerary of school and agent fairs. Provided general information regarding search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website, technology options, and admission processes.

  • Culver Academies - Partnered with Culver and higher education professionals to generate surveys and establish focus groups to better understand the perceptions of military schools, colleges, and universities in the U.S. Outcomes from the survey provided AMCSUS members with a renewed focus and shift in their strategic communications.

  • Oak Grove School - Provided information on best practices, including: school fairs, agent agreements, international protocols, campus tours, events, paid search campaigns, and admission criteria. Thacher - Provided advisory services and resources related to SEO and website domain authority. 

Day Schools:

  • Scholarship Prep - Public Charter Schools. SEM (Google Ads) for existing and future school locations. 

  • Memorial Private School - Branding/Messaging, SEO, SEM (Google Ads), Website Management, Blogs, Publicity, and Annual Plans.

  • Alexander Dawson - Resources and information to improve domain authority via SEO and website consultations. 

  • Pacific Hills School - Developed and organized an annual fine arts event to showcase student talent. The Visual and Performing Arts Night on campus includes: drama and music performances, speakers, and professional level art exhibitions.

  • High Bluff Academy - SEM (Google Ads), Website Audit, Social Media, Email Newsletters, Trello System Setup, Annual Enrollment and Marketing Plans, Budget, and Literature Copywriting/editing,

  • Trinity School - SEM/Google Ads Management and advisory sessions for three schools. 

Military Academies: (AMCSUS Members) Projects and processes include: best practices, staff searches, training, strategic recruitment and retention plans, budget analysis, drivers of yield, analysis of dashboards and reports, technology (CRM implementation, manuals, templates), Continuous Enrollment Contracts (CEA), Agent Agreements, International Research and Trends Reports. Admission/Marketing projects include: Websites, SEO, SEM (Google Ads), social media, copywriting and editing for blogs, emails news, publicity, literature systems, and publicity. Collaborated with internal teams and top agencies on rebranding projects, including: logo, messaging, website, view-book, and magazine.

Associations and Presentations 

Schneider B. Media - Presented at an annual virtual conference on the topic of Strategies and Tactics for SEM/Google Ads for SchneiderB Media at VirCon. 

Western Boarding School Association: Selected as a Workshop Presenter for the Western Boarding School Association Spring ConferenceOrganized a campus event during the association conference in San Diego, including a hosted dinner, tour, and discussions. Assisted with a website diagnostic and SEO tactics prior to launch of the new association site.

Enrollment Management Association: Prepared and presented a workshop series on team-building for the Enrollment Management Association. 


Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States: Managed three conferences in partnership with the Executive Director. With a focus on Admission and Marketing, organized speaker lists, communicated with attendees, created workshops, and facilitated sessions.  Collaborated with the team on the development of surveys to improve messaging for the website and member schools, colleges, and universities. Developed a webinar series pertinent to best practices for admission and marketing. Acted as a key resource to members and provided personalized consultations. Acted as a presenter for Summer and Annual Conferences for the Association of Amercian Military schools and colleges of the United States. 


San Diego Independent School Consortium: Provided recommendations for the marketing and promotion of the annual San Diego High School Fair and panel on diversity. Outlined several cost effective marketing promotional tactics for the association including: email newsletters, Google Ads, and social media boosts.


Independent Educational Consultants Association: Hosted campus events for the Independent Educational Consultants Association including: campus tour, luncheon, and panel discussions. Developed sponsorship exhibition, literature, and provided representation at the annual conference. 

Orange County Private High School Association: Organized exhibitions and provided information to boarding school associations, resulting in higher exhibitor revenues and attendance at OCPHSA. Provided key marketing strategies and tactics to promote the annual event. 

Campus Visits  

Private Boarding Schools: Athenian, Besant Hill, Cate, Dunn, Oak Grove, Ojai Valley, St. Catherine's Academy, Thacher, Villanova, and Webb. 


Private Day Schools: St. Mary’s, St. Ann’s, St. Mark’s, Fairmont, Cross Roads, Clairbourn, Town School, Pasadena Christian, Pegasus School for the Gifted, La Jolla Country Day, Pacific Ridge, Francis Parker, Bishop's, Children’s School, Alexander Dawson, Far Hills, and Seven Hills. 

Colleges and Universities: USC, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, UCI, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, Cal State University Long Beach, California State University Fullerton, College of Idaho, Chapman University, Claremont College, Loyola Marymount, Oregon State University, and several community colleges. 

Private School Fair Representation 

Schools: Harbor Country Day School, Pegasus School for the Gifted, Harbor Country Day, St. Mary’s, St. Catherine’s Academy, St. Ann’s, St. Mark’s, Clairbourn, Town School, Alexander Dawson, Pasadena Christian, Pegasus School for the Gifted, Seven Hills, and Far Hills Country Day. 

International Agent Fairs and Projects


Linden Agent Tours: Organized bi-annual international agent campus visit, with overview presentation, campus tour, meals, and student panel discussions for 14 agents. 

ICEF Agent Fairs: Represented ANA at  ICEF Berlin, ICEF Florida, and ICEF Los Angeles to generate international agent partnerships. The Academy has over 100 agent agreements and a number of high producing agents as a result. 

WEBA Agent Fairs: Presenter and exhibitor at WEBA in Los Angeles to generate international diversity and agent partnerships. 

International Projects: Developed agent agreements, commission structure, communications plan, conducted presentations, reports, and served as PDSO for SEVIS for over 10 years. Trained Associate Director of International Admission on fair representation for TABS, ICEF, Linden, and other fairs, as well as developed marketing and retention initiatives. International enrollments increased from 30 to over 100 in less than 5 years, maintained balance of approx. 30%, with retention peak over 90%. 

Feel free to Contact Aperture Advisory Associates for a complimentary consultation or project quote. 

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