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Enneagram & Team Building - Communication Tips!

Updated: Feb 7

We all have communication strengths and challenges. The benefit of knowing your enneagram type lies in the ability to observe how you communicate, detect issues when they arise, and create an ongoing commitment to become a better team-player through more effective communications.

Communication Strengths of Each Enneagram Type:

  • One: professional, polished, truthful, thoughtful, well-organized thoughts and ideas.

  • Two: good listener, offers help, asks questions, highly relational, compassionate.

  • Three: confident, clear, concrete, effective, efficient, solution-oriented, direct.

  • Four: intense, excitable, prefers depth, empathic, curious, passionate, dramatic.

  • Five: observant, interesting, well-informed, amused, respectful, does not pry.

  • Six: serious, sometimes witty, ironic, concerned, complex, deliberating.

  • Seven: fast, lively, engaging storytellers, upbeat, talkative, optimistic, light.

  • Eight: authoritative, direct, candid, action focused, commanding.

  • Nine: 0pen-minded, supportive, creates rapport, calm, collaborative.

Communication Challenges of Each Enneagram Type:

  • One: critical, irritable, judgmental, uses "shoulds," opinionated, displays displeasure, imposes personal standards.

  • Two: want to provide help, but may not ask for help, can be overly direct or indirect, angry, complaining, offer unsolicited advice.

  • Three: angry when frustrated, impatient with lengthy discourse or emotional reactions, not fully disclosing.

  • Four: overly intense, moody, remote, self oriented, turns back to self in conversations, may point out deficiencies.

  • Five: controlled speech and body language, brief, impersonal, reluctant to share feelings or personal information.

  • Six: overly reactive, skeptical, questioning, indecisive, may become agitated or angry easily, forgets to check in before reacting.

  • Seven: long stories, hard to follow, easily distracted, fast talkers, unwilling to address tough topics.

  • Eight: demanding, declarative, authoritative, dismissive, anger can boil up, imposing, maybe curt or short.

  • Nine: not forthcoming, not voicing opinions or perspectives, vague, low expression or flat affect.

Communication Development Tips for Each Type:

  • One: watch body language, keep your sense of humor, avoid shoulds, listen to other opinions, withhold judgment, lighten up.

  • Two: watch boundaries and express yourself often, set limits, get in touch with anger, write down resentments, speak up as reasonably as possible right away.

  • Three: listen longer, be more real, express appreciation, allow expression, not just focus on tasks and action.

  • Four: lower the intensity, reduce self-referencing, be direct and specific, avoid distortion, deal quickly with issues, ask for support.

  • Five: question more, share more, worry less about intruding, avoid long treatises, no need to prove what you know, give freely, let others know their importance to you.

  • Six: question less, trust your insights, keep stressors low to avoid overreaction, give only when you want to, ask for reality checks, keep your sense of humor.

  • Seven: tell fewer stories, ask more questions, listen attentively, use tact, be sensitive, listen to feedback, ask others what they want, watch taking a demanding stance.

  • Eight: listen to everyone, explain your thoughts and reactions more, watch unrealistic expectations, anger, learn to negotiate, watch pushing or driving others.

  • Nine: share feelings and ideas sooner, avoid just nodding when you do not agree, allow yourself to rock the boat, voice your feelings and opinions.

Tips for Communicating with Each Enneagram Type:

  • One; Avoid being critical of a one.

  • Two: Don't take a two for granted.

  • Three: Never ignore a three.

  • Four: Avoid telling a four what to do.

  • Five: Don't underestimate their knowledge.

  • Six: Never be dishonest with a six.

  • Seven: Avoid trying to control a seven.

  • Eight: Don't betray an eight's trust.

  • Nine: Never interrupt or talk over a nine.

Hopefully, these insights have given you a new way to view your own communication strengths, challenges, ways to improve communications, and understand what to avoid in dealing with others.

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